• Ezekiel Lau

    A proud Native Hawaiian pro surfer, Ezekiel Lau grew up surfing The Point, Kewalos, in the heart of Honolulu. His skills perfected he went on to dominate ABC's Ultimate Surfer Challenge and with many wins under his belt, he's become a Juggernaut in the line up.

  • Jamie O'Brien

    Growing up on Pipeline's doorstep Jamie O'Brien is one of the world's most renown surfers and content creators. He started competing in local surf contests at the age of 6 years old and was one of the youngest surfers to ever win the pipeline masters competition. Jaime's list of achievements are vast. Now, a thriving youtube channel and multiple businesses.

  • Reo Inaba

    A professional surfer from Japan. Reo Inaba has a history of conquering competitions. Placing 1st in 2021 at the JPSA Ichinomiya competition, 1st at the QS1000 Asia Open and many other podiums in QS and CS.

Matt Heirakuji

Many thanks to professional photographer Matt Heirakuji for the astounding photos. Make sure to check out his website below!